Sunday, February 22, 2009

Completely sitting up now!

Dax just started sitting up by himself, at the park on Friday afternoon during our walk... and it was sudden... from his tummy, he simply rolled a bit to his side, and SAT UP.
What a couple of weeks this has been...!
I wanted to chronicle this before I forgot to...
But I'm SO proud of my little boy - so big now.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sign Language...

Anyone who has taught their child to sign would probably tell you that it's pretty incredible... But I had NO idea how FAST my kid would pick it up!
Today Dax signed "thank you" to his church daycare ladies when I picked him up.
He's fully signing Cheerios.
But he also started signing "All Gone" - I do it for "All done" too - it basically means the same thing - and he obviously gets the idea: he was mad that I put him on the changing table once this afternoon, and he kept signing (flapping his hands around) until I figured out that he was trying to sign something - so I said it, "All done?" and he smiled. I WAS all done, so he clapped when I said "ok - up".
I'm floored.
Next week Dax will be 11 months.
And he can talk to me already!
How cool is that??

If you haven't decided to do this with your kid, or you think you can't, or you think it might hinder their verbal abilities - think again. You CAN do this (if I did!). And why not save yourself months of frustration (and probably nasty tantrums) by giving your child the tools to tell you what he means as soon as he's ABLE to?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More Updates!

So - our heater went out AGAIN on Saturday night, and we decided to pack what we could and head to Honey and Popi's for a day or three...
But magic always happens there...
And this is what new stuff Dax started doing:
He SIGNED the word for "Cereal/Cheerios"!
He started saying "thank you"!
He stood without holding onto something!
His crawl got WAY better - no more foot-pushing-body-drag... it's hand/foot action now!
He's now totally waving for "bye" AND "hi" - he's been saying "hi" for a while... but now they really are coinciding, and a wave and a "hi" go together, and a wave and a "bye" go together.
It's funny how there don't seem to be so many milestones hit for a while, and then suddenly, it all happens. It felt like that this weekend.
Dax is such a big boy!

Friday, February 13, 2009


Wow - I've been meaning to write for a while, but just haven't had a chance...
Currently, Dax is supposed to be napping - but he's calling out to me instead... I know he's not sleeping, but this is supposed to be naptime... so he'll be ok in his crib for a minute while I do this.. :)
It seems like I'm spending a lot of time TRYING to get Dax to take a nap during the day... so he's either napping, eating, or in his crib NOT napping... I wish I had a nap schedule better planned out - but everyday is a crapshoot with him and naps.

Anyway, what I really wanted to update was that Dax seems to have finally figured out that food is for swallowing (not mushing around in your mouth and spitting out) - and that food swallowed=not hungry... it's still not his favorite thing to do... but he's working on it.
Once he has a few more than three teeth, I'm sure it'll be more fun for him to tear into a chicken nugget.

He's also waving a lot now (and he's been clapping for a few weeks) - but now he's waving when he actually HEARS "hello" or "hi", or "bye" or "goodbye". Sometimes he flaps his whole hand, sometimes he crinkles his fingers toward himself... but he gets it.

Now I'm trying hard to work signs in to our everyday stuff... but it seems like when I remember to use signs, I forget what the sign is for the thing I'm talking about...
like "dinosaur"... I mean - NOW I remember what the sign is, but I have no idea when we'll see one again in the future, and if I'll actually remember it then.
I have to go save the little man from his no-nap-taking-ness now.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

We loved you, Charlie.

We had to put our crazy dog Charlie down today...
It was the most horrible thing I've had to do...
She was a sweet, sweet dog.
Albeit, a mess. She ate everything I loved. She ate baby toys.
She even ate plastic.
But we loved her.
She was so soft. And really just wanted love.
And a bath.
I can't fault her for that at all.

We loved you Charlie Bear.