Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It's getting worse...

Tatum called me to tell me that she admitted her son to the hospital - and that we should watch out for dehydration with this virus...
My prayers go to her, Tom and of course baby Cade.
And Dax has just really started to puke...
this is not good.

It's official...

We have a sick baby. :(
This is his very first real illness...
we did pretty good - 9 months without a major bug!!
But he got it - a nice pukey/diarrhea, ear/sinus infecting, green-snot producing, fever having virus. He's been sick for at least 2 fever-charted days now (viruses take 7-10 days to get going).
Poor baby.
And today was supposed to be his 9 month "well-baby" checkup.
He's finally sleeping on my lap right now - which makes a total of 4 hours in the last 24 that he's slept... which is two more hours than me, actually...
And with teething the last three weeks - we've both gotten, on average, 4 hours of sleep per night...
I was hallucinating last night...
This is a lot like when he was a brand new little guy.
But worse, only because I'd gotten used to having 6 hours of sleep or more a night before this...
I hope antibiotics for the infections will soothe him sooner rather than later... that still does nothing for the virus... we just have to wait.

Monday, December 22, 2008

For a chilly day like this...

Another recipe!
And this one's TASTY on a cold day like today...
AND, it happens to be a very healthy soup - lots of versions have been found on the internet saying that it has between 1 and 4 points per serving (1.5 cups = 1 serving, or thereabouts...) You can make it lean, or mean, however you like it. And below this, is a "bread bowl recipe"...

1-Can Taco Soup
1 can of diced tomatoes
1 can of Rotel
1 can of Chili Beans
1 can of Black beans
1 can of Kidney beans
1 can of corn (sometimes I use 2)
1 can of Chicken broth
1 pound of lean turkey (or beef)
1 package of taco seasoning
1 package of Ranch dressing mix
1 diced onion/or 1/2 cup of frozen chopped onion (to suit your taste - I hate onions, so I avoid them as best I can... they make you gassy too...) ew.
(optional: 1 can of green chiles; 1 big can of sliced olives - olives will add "points" to your point value for the fat... but they're oh-so-tasy; grated cheese for topping; Tostitos/tortilla chips for grinding up and dipping into the soup )

Brown your meat with (onions and) taco seasoning.
In a large pot, dump all the other ingredients together (don't drain anything!), add the browned meat/onions, and the Ranch packet.
Poof! You're done!
If it's not soupy enough, use one of the cans to measure out and add a can of water.

Bread Bowls!
1 package of frozen bread dough loaves from the freezer section (they come in threes I think; just white bread dough loaves)
4.5-5.5" diameter Corningware ramekins (1 bowl per ramekin = 1/2 loaf of bread)
(optional smaller diameter Corningware ramekins - I think I have 2.5" ones - they use 1/3 of a loaf of bread - very good lunch size)

One loaf makes two large bowls - leave enough bread out to thaw and puff up a bit.

Preheat oven to 350.

Using flour and a cutting board, dust your cutting board, and slice one loaf in half. Roll one half in the flour to coat a bit, and roll into a ball.
Dust your ramekin with flour (you don't have to if you don't want to; I'm compelled to do it, though)
Plop one ball of dough in the ramekin - leaving the roundy end bit on the top side, and smush it down some.
Repeat for other loaves/ramekins.
Pop into the oven for about 10-15 minutes - or until the tops of the bread start to turn a golden color (less if you like it heavier, more if you like it breadier).
Pull bread out of the oven, and saw out the center in a cylindrical fashion - leaving it on the side for dipping.
Bread bowls!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Favorite recipes!

Ok - this is the beginning of my favorite recipes that we use nearly every week in our house... The first one is my take on an oldie - "King Ranch Chicken"

Lisa's King Ranch Chicken with Pasta (feeds many)
1 can of cream of chicken soup
1 can of cream of mushroom soup
1 can Rotel
1 can chicken broth
(supplemental - a small can of green chiles, chopped jalepenos)
1 big bag of grated cheese (I use the mexi-blend)
1 package of spaghetti
2-4 pounds of chicken - cooked and cubed
(supplemental - 2 cans of corn)

Ok - to begin with, you really can't have too much chicken for this. That's why I don't have an exact amount that you need. My mom used frozen chicken, already sliced in strips and grilled - that worked great. A friend of mine said she's going to cook this tonight using a rotisserie chicken - fantastic - whatever works for you.
And I cook the entire package of spaghetti, but I usually don't use all of it - I'll set aside some to mash up for my baby. And make sure your blender is at least 2.5 liters... or don't mix the can of chicken broth in with the other stuff in the blender - wait til you've blended the other stuff, and then hand mix it in.

Begin all of these things:
*Start cooking your chicken if you have to; dice it up.
*Start cooking your pasta; try to leave it just a little undercooked.
*Pre-heat your oven to 350.
*Combine the soups, rotel, chicken broth and a heaping handful of grated cheese in the blender. Blend it up. (supplemental - add a small can of green chiles, or jalepenos) If your sauce looks too thick, use the supplemental can of chicken broth or water, even, to make it a little more liquidy (but it should be fine).

    Now, slosh a little sauce into the bottom of your dish just to coat the dish.
    Toss the pasta in - cover the bottom with at least 1 inch of pasta - I usually get up to nearly 2 inches; don't worry if you don't use it all (I don't).

    Slosh half of your sauce over the pasta.

    Toss cheese on top - generously.

    Next, layer the chicken on.

    Slosh some more sauce on it; all of it, if you don't want corn...

    Spread cheese generously on top.

    Supplemental - pour two cans of corn on top, and slosh rest of sauce on, with another layer of cheese.

This will most likely bake over the sides of your dish if you used corn, so put a foil-lined pan underneath your dish...

Bake for 45min-1hour on 350!


Hope you enjoy!!

Regression, cha cha cha!

The last week has been a nightmare... Dax has been waking up at night every two to three hours for at least 7 days. It was really bad in the beginning (he would wake up screaming, and nothing could calm him down - not even mommy!), and has gotten a little better - he only woke up twice last night and the night before...
A million things go through your mind when this happens...
Is he eating enough?
Is he sleeping enough during the day?
Did I eat something that's made him not well?
Is it teething?
Just a growth spurt?

He did grow two new teeth over the weekend, which I attribute this other regressive item to: he doesn't want any solid foods lately - taking us back to strictly breastfeeding for now... I tried to bring lunch back into the picture yesterday, and he just wasn't having it. He ate a few crunchy star things, though... (I know some people call those crap - and I'm sure there's nothing dietarily redeeming about them, but they get his fingers grabbing food and getting it to his mouth - so I really don't care)

But we're still waking up at night...
Now my other problem is this - the only thing that seems to calm him down is nursing... which gets us caught back up in the loop of waking up to nurse back to sleep, not because he's hungry...

And. He bit me yesterday. So hard, it drew blood (but I didn't know it yet). I pulled him off fast, and put him on the floor with his toys, and decided to pump the rest of the time, but when I pulled the pump off when I was finished, the milk was pink, and there was blood in the pump, and running down my stomach... sweet.
Gotta love that.
I rushed to the internet to see if blood would hurt him if he drank it, and apparently not, but it's still kind of gross...

What do you do??
I guess you do what works - that's my new M.O.
I can't listen to anyone tell me he has to cry it out, when I know that he never cries, so it's important when he does. Especially when he's screaming. And choking. And vomiting because he's crying so hard.
I will say that I'm so tired, I'm mentally ready to let him cry it out... but it's so so sad. He's hurting, or something...

I think we just need to get out of the house more, but it's so hard, when it's freaking cold out... I probably should buy him a bunting thing, and take him out with a face mask on anyway... :) at least we'd both see something other than the inside of our house...
We went shopping yesterday after he bit me, and I brought a bottle of formula with us instead (I can't seem to keep breastmilk in stock around here), and he ate it when he got hungry enough... so looks like we might be substituting some meals with that... Weaning? maybe...

Anyhoo - just had to write this out before a month passed, and I forgot about this - I'll have to give some advice to my daughter-in-law one day, I imagine, and she might appreciate this...

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Friday, December 5, 2008

They call it "The Commando"

And Dax does it... right across the floor! He's crawling! Or more like dragging his lifeless bottom half with his arms... hehehe I'll have to post a video.
As I've said before, magic happens at my parents' house, and he started crawling Thanksgiving day while we were over there - and Cousin Molly got it on tape! In fact, I should post that, because it was pretty darn funny - it's mostly Molly, and then some Dax... hehehe
Coming Soon!