Monday, March 23, 2009

We're weaned!

It's official - it's been a week since Dax has had any breastmilk! I know - it's not a fantastic milestone - I feel sort of guilty, since he's been so sick since we stopped (I could have been pumping this whole time and giving that to him).
But here's how it happened...
We'd gone down to three nursings a day: one at 9-ish, one at 3-ish, and one for bedtime. Those also coincided with naps afterward - probably something we'll still have to tackle...
At any rate, I stopped nursing at night-time, and Anooj would give him a bottle of very warm milk and toddler formula. Worked like a charm.
We just slowly moved the bottle into each of the feedings - and Dax really didn't fuss about it.
I had also noticed that I was not engorging like I used to, and I also wasn't saving much pumped milk a few weeks ago, when I was still pumping... so it seemed to be nature telling us it was time.
And we haven't looked back!
Bottles with milk and formula now continue the "snack-time" feedings, and the evening before-bed feeding.
I feel sad, sometimes, in the night, when he cries, and I know he's just thirsty - we used to bring him to bed with us, and I'd cuddle with him and nurse him... He's a big boy now, though!

And speaking of other milestones! Yesterday, Dax completely stood up without holding on to anything at all! And, he drew with a crayon yesterday too! BEFORE he ate the crayon! (that's a biggee, usually, he just eats the crayon and bangs it on whatever's nearby - this time, he actually watched himself softly draw on the paper... and then ate the crayon).
He was watching a "movie" with me yesterday too (Baby Signing Time) - and the teacher had a police hat on, and Dax tapped his head - the sign for "hat" - and then pointed at her! Very cool.
He's fully on the signing train.
His other big thing is "pointing" his whole hand in the direction of something - everything - and asking "whasthat!" Too cute. He's such a sweet sweet baby.
I hope his snoggy nose and head cold are gone before the weekend...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Again, with the naptime drama!

Ok - so it looks like I only post on here when I'm frustrated... and I am - again.
I'm sitting here listening to Dax play in his crib for his afternoon nap.
And I guess this can only mean one thing - he's ready to move to one nap a day, I guess... but he takes that one in the morning, from 8 or 8:30 to 10... Today it was 8:30-ish to nearly 11-ish... which is a great nap, but then I get just enough done that I look forward to his afternoon nap when I can finish everything I started...
No dice today.
I have been trying for nearly 30 minutes.
He's even on cold medication!
I can't believe he's not going down...

We did get a haircut in today between his nap and lunch - we left the house at 11, and came home at 11:20! not bad!
Here are some pics:

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Review of Bathtime Shower

One Step Ahead

More than a fun bath toy, our press-and-pump showerhead prepares kids for taking real showers! Little ones love pressing the big, chunky button (and what an intriguing coordination builder!). With a pivoting head so kids can direct the spray and suction cup base that secures to the tub wall. For ag...

Pretty spiffy!

LisaT Flower Mound, Texas 3/10/2009


4 5

Pros: Water-squirting fun

Cons: Hard to operate

Best Uses: Bathing, Bathroom, Washing

Describe Yourself: First Time Parent

I loved this toy, because there just aren't enough water-play toys out there to interact with in the tub, other than regular squirt toys... And it definitely does that.
However, my baby's just a little too young for it (recommended age is 18 months) - he doesn't get that the button makes the water go yet, and the button is a little hard to press (because it's sucking up the water from the tub - so it makes sense, it's just a little hard for my kiddo).
So that said - if you have a toddler over 14 months, they'd probably love this. My guys is nearly 12 months, and it's just a little over his head yet. But it'll be great when he figures it out, I'm sure!


My Review of Ulti-Mat Bath Mat

One Step Ahead

Our giant bath mat is L-O-N-G on safety. Most non-skid bath mats cover only part of the tub...that's just not safe enough for us! The solution? Our giant 391/2"L x 16"W tub mat! It covers nearly the entire tub bottom, eliminating those sneaky slippery spots. 200 suction...


LisaT Flower Mound, Tx 3/10/2009


5 5

Gift: No

Pros: Safety Features

Best Uses: Bathroom Safety, Washing, Infants, Bathing, Toddlers

Describe Yourself: First Time Parent

LOVE this bathmat - when it's time for you to transition to the "big tubby", then it's time for you to get a bathmat like this one - it truly does cover the entire bottom of our tub, and I'm SO grateful for that. Our nearly-one-year-old loves to try to stand up, and he'll try it anywhere I don't have my body leaning over the side of the tub - and when he does, this mat keeps his feet secure and non-slippy, so he doesn't whack his face on the side of the tub before I can grab him and sit him back down!
I would highly recommend this.
(Also, for favorite pre-big-tubby tubby, I love the Primo Baby EuroBath - great for brand new babies up to 12 months!)


Friday, March 6, 2009

Naptime drama...

Well Dax has now finished up with his first of many "childhood illnesses" - he had Roseola last week and over the weekend. SO glad that's overwith. He got the rash, which generally signifies that the virus has been fought and your child is no longer communicable, on Sunday/Monday, but still had a slight rash on Wednesday - but it was gone by bathtime Wednesday night! He topped out at 103.5 on Saturday morning - but it was amazing how fast Motrin cooled him off - by 8:30 when we hit the doctor's office, he was back to normal! (less than an hour, probably, from that first temperature reading)

Now I'm having naptime drama... And I think I'm writing this because I'm feeling guilty for MAKING him stay in his crib while he should be napping, but he's not... He's only had ONE half-hour "nap" today, and I tried to get him down earlier, but no dice. We went for a long walk this afternoon, and I nursed him for his afternoon "snack", and he crashed out, but promptly woke up about 30 minutes later in his crib...
And I'm going to leave him there. He HAS to have a nap. Even though he's not napping... at least he's having quiet time. Right? Am I crazy?
What am I supposed to do with a baby who won't nap?
I hate this.