Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More milestones!

It's so amazing how fast babies learn things...
Dax has exclaimed his first syllable already, and has added on to it (guess what his first two-syllable "word" was...?? yep - "mama"! first heard on the 5th) - along with Ba, he now says Ma, Da, Pa, Wa, and squeals really loud! :)
He also rolled over for the first time with Honey on the 7th! Honey thought he'd done it before, so she was wondering why he looked so surprised after he did it. hehehehe
And, I'm happy to announce his first bites of food were this morning! I've tried off and on to mix rice cereal with things, and we've tried various tastes of other things (we've mouthed mashed potatoes, licked popcorn and jelly, and reviewed hashbrowns-badly), but I tried rice cereal with some formula about a week ago, and he not only hated the taste, but he gagged, and violently threw it up all over the counter... poor baby. I tried cereal with soy milk that day, just because I had no thawed breast milk... to no avail (and about the same reception as the soy formula and rice cereal... I really can't blame him about the formula, too - that's some smelly stuff)
We're still awaiting the inevitable teeth... it seems like he's been teething for about two or three weeks now... But what do I know??

I think the thing with babies is that they change so fast, and as adults, we're just not used to that kind of switching up (or at least at this kind of pace, anyway) - but change is good - it means all kinds of things are happening. And we all evolve and change, even as old as I (feel) am now, I know I change too.
Night time has brought a lot of change lately - he'll wake up any time between 2 and 6, and if he woke up earlier, he'll get up one more time before 8... And not that he was really on any kind of sleep schedule before that, but it seemed like we were getting at least 7 hours straight for a couple of weeks there... Ah well. Change.

Last night he woke up at 3 ish, and played and babbled in his crib for about 30 minutes, and then we had an hour long on-and-off cry session (because I was thinking that if I nursed him to sleep, he'd wake up every morning at 3 ish expecting to get nursed back to sleep... and the "nurse to sleep" thing - could become a habit forever, right??
You never stop second guessing yourself.
But I have to go easy on this... he certainly won't want to nurse forever - he didn't want to sleep in our bed forever, and can't even stand the pack and play in our room anymore (he needs more space to stretch out now!). So I have to enjoy the moments I have with him while I have them.
He's getting so big already.

And with everything I don't know, or can't know, or guess wrong, he's still such a happy little guy. I'm so lucky.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hi, I starve my kid. Nice to meet you...

Yeah. So. Took Dax to the doctor yesterday to check his ears - we thought he might have an ear infection. Poor kid. He's been swiping at his ears for the past few days on and off (none at all yesterday, but we kept the appointment anyway).
So I get him in there, and the first thing we do is weigh him.
He weighs no more, and no less than the last time we were in there, which was about 5 weeks ago!
I was proud.
And here's why.
I had discovered a brilliancy in some "helpful information" that I had passed on to a girlfriend of mine regarding breastfeeding (poor girl). I had rambled on about why you should only feed your kid from one breast at a time, because the hind milk is what keeps babies happy longer - why give them just fore-milk when you can give them the richness of fatty love??
So I had a flash of realization.
If my kid is so HUGE, and he's sleeping through the night.... you guessed it... Why don't I switch him from one breast to the other while I'm feeding him??
I came up with the "2% Diet Plan" for him - giving him only 10-15 minutes of one breast and then switching him to the other until he was done, and I'd pull him off after 30 minutes, if he hadn't finished before then.
30 minutes had to be enough, right?
The doctor came in to the room with us, and said something nice about how he was sitting up so well, and then jumped right to the page that had his weight.
"He only weigh 18 pound...? He weigh 18 pound at LAST appointment... that was... a month ago! Really... almost 6 weeks ago!"
(she says it like this though: "..at LAST aponty-ment... dat was amont-ago! almos 6 weeks!")
So I told her my grand scheme... and she made clicking noises with her mouth (Dax is making sounds very similar to this these days, only a lot cuter).
We talked about how he's not rolling over yet (and she made a crack about me carrying him everywhere - which I don't! I play a lot on the floor with him, nearly every time he wakes up from a nap we play on the floor!), and she checked his ears (and took a whole lot of ear wax out of them for me), and he sat up some more for her.
Then she says,"So, no. You needa give him the fool [full] breast - he need all da good HIend millk. Next time I see him, I want him to be 20 pound! You got a lot o-feeding to do!" and as she walked out the door, she played with Dax and made him giggle,"You leetle cutie, mommy not feeding you enough, you tell her you need da fool breast, huh? You want the good stuff!", and she closed the door.
So great.
I've been starving him.
You'd never guess it though, to look at him...