Saturday, July 26, 2008

Friday, July 25, 2008


We had Dax's 4 month checkup today - not only did we finally get the pediatrician I've been hoping to have since I was 7 months pregnant, but she's freaking stupendous. I LOVE this doctor. I couldn't be more pleased.
When I mentioned that we waited a week between the last round of immunizations, she didn't blink twice, so when we had more immunizations today, she just asked if I would come in for the remainder of them next week - no need to make an appointment, just come in at our leisure! WOW. No lecture about the birth center, no lecture about why I'm stupid for worrying about the effects of immunization shots on a baby's brain, etc...
And not only that! The nurse was FINE with me nursing while he received his shot today - and he did GREAT! He screamed for a second, and then poof! he nabbed back onto me, and was JUST fine! The nurse even mentioned how amazed she was!

The last doctor we had (Dr. Smalley) - while perfectly Christian and prayerful - gave me a lecture about having a baby in a birth center, about why I'm stupid for worrying about the effects of too many shots on a baby's immune system (I don't care how MANY shots you give my baby - but I worry about the actual antigens introduced at one time - too many can make their tiny brains swell!). And yes - he said sweet, thoughtful prayers at the end of each meeting, but you know what? When you tell me I have no rational basis for the way I feel about getting too many immunizations at once, when you cannot look me in the eye for longer than a minute (because you're just not interested), and when your staff abuse me for trying alternate methods of calming my baby during an immunization shot, well... then... you've just lost a paying patient. For good. And not only one patient, but many - don't think I didn't tell the birth center - which initially gave the reference to this doctor - so any potential patients who hear about it...

Blah blah blah.
Done with all that anyway - we're on to bigger... and better...

And speaking of bigger!
Dax is weighing in at a whopping 18 pounds! and is measuring 26 inches long! He's a big big boy right now... His head circumference is absolutely average, though - so I imagine that by the time he reaches one year old - he'll be quite normal, with everything matching up well (his height, his weight, and his head!) :)

Milestones = giggling for the first time a few nights ago, nearly turning over (not quite yet), and grabbing himself. :) ha!

By the way - the nurse today also said something about our cloth diapers - she wondered where we got them, and if they were adjustable - and of course they are. :)
They're pretty damn great, actually - and if I have to plug a diaper on here, shamelessly - well then - I have to. I LOVE BUMGENIUS DIAPERS!! :)
Someone asked at our "class" reunion at the birth center if we ever had blowouts with these diapers - and you know what?? Not ever. We have never had a blowout in these diapers - they keep everything in. That is, unless they're completely saturated (which they can be by the time morning comes around) - they really should be changed at least every 4 hours - but you obviously don't want to wake a sleeping baby to change his diaper... :)
Anyhoo - I digress...

It was a very good 4 month birthday day for a very big boy named Dax (and his mummy too)!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Putting off the Inevitable...

So I talked to my mom last night - actually for very selfish reasons... We were asked to go to a movie opening this Friday night, and we needed a babysitter - I thought since the movie was going to be in South Arlington, that we might be able to use my parents as babysitters, and then possibly spend the night with them.
We spent the night with them the night of July 4th, since we were down in Burleson, and didn't really want to make the trek all the way back up to Flower Mound after firework bonanzas, not to mention that I hadn't seen my parents in about a month! And it turned out to be a really great idea - the best way to spend a good amount of quality time with my parents... Anooj got to go with Dad to Fry's after they poured over the Saturday morning newspaper sales advertisements, and Mom and I (and Dax) got to hang out while they were shopping for gadgets. It was very nice.
So I thought that would work again for this weekend...

And actually, I even called them initially because the All-stars game was on, but they were still in the first few minutes of the pre-show - but they were introducing huge names in baseball - Willie Mays! Reggie Jackson! Yoggi Bera! It was like the field of dreams out there - and so I had to make sure Dad was watching... but he wasn't! So it was good that I called.

THEN I remembered that I needed to ask them if they could watch Dax on Friday so we could hit an opening night movie at the movie grill in Arlington - The new Batman with Heath Ledger - who wouldn't want to see it?? My friend was pre-buying tickets too - so we knew we wouldn't be turned away at the door, and I'd ordered 4 (just in case another couple could come from Flower Mound too - turns out it's Melanie's Birthday, and she's doing her family-night thing with her family on Friday... ah well - I figured we could sell any tickets to turned-away movie goers from the probably-sold out showing).
Anyway, got to talking with Dad, and I asked if we could come down and spend the night - he asked mom, and they concurred that we could. Then I asked if they might like a little alone time with their Grandson so Anooj and I could hit a movie with some friends in Arlington - and they said we could! Rock on! So solid at the moment!
And then Dad put mom on the phone...
She told me that her treatment on Monday was rough - it took a lot longer than the previous treatments (because they've changed her medications now). She sounded pretty low. She told me that they were trying to get her to take a blood transfusion last week, but that she'd put them off, but she decided it was time...
Apparently, a blood transfusion is not unexpected during chemo - I didn't know that, and she didn't know that either... but it sounds like they're usually inevitable, and mom just kept putting it off. This week, though, she was feeling it. And she thought she'd like to go ahead and have that transfusion...
So she'd already scheduled it for Friday!
And these things take about 5 hours!
For whatever reason, she seemed to think she was going to be just fine to watch Dax (albeit with my Dad - but still!) after a freaking blood transfusion!
So we've decided to forgo the movie, and I'm going to come sit with her for some of the transfusion toward the end of it, and then Anooj and I are still going to spend the night with them.