Friday, May 8, 2009

Secret Weapons...

I was reading this post tonight : "I keep a secret weapon in my pantry", and realized that she might be on to something...
Since we've diagnosed Dax's milk allergy (or whatever it is... I'll call it an allergy - spewing 3 times a day can probably be called an allergy) - we've been trying to get something in him that resembles milk, with some fat, some protein and some brain stimulating goodness... So we've been using (very) expensive toddler formula, which is milk-based, but the proteins have been broken down for easier digestibility... And it works for us! No puke = works!
But... this got me thinking... if I can throw a scoop of powdered milk into something... would it make him vomit? Would it be the same as if he drank a big tummy-full of milk?
I'm excited to try it out and see what happens...

We'll have to wait til we get home from the weekend in Mansfield, and also make sure that we have lots of preparations made, in case he DOES throw everything back up again...

Also - a good friend of mine said she might be able to get me a teaching gig at her school - how cool would that be? I'm hoping that they need me to start ASAP - right in time for SUMMER!
Well... I can hope, right?