Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blabber mouth

I am such a blabber mouth when I post, I've decided to make this one short, and keep on making them short!
Dax has been at his "new school" now since the last week of August, and has really settled in. I haven't been laid off from my job, but will have no work til probably March next year - which makes the budget pretty tight these days - so we're having to cut back on his school hours. Yesterday was his first half-day at school. And he managed pretty well when we got home and took a nap. But in the afternoon, he kept talking about his friends, and playing on the playground... :( Made me sad - he obviously missed them. He had a little bit of trouble falling asleep for his nap, too - probably so used to the routine at school, and everyone lying on their own nap mats...

But his teacher was showing me the other day how he can spell his name with the letter magnets they have in the classroom... and he spelled "mat," "pat," and "cat" while he was showing me. I'm amazed.

I also got to spend some time with his classmates last Friday for their Halloween party - SO glad I did. I've been harboring this angst against a certain child there, who took a bite out of Dax's arm the first month he was there... But when I got to spend time with him, I realized that he was really a very sweet, gentle boy. He has older brothers, and I'm sure that when he was threatened (Dax wanted a toy he had, I think), his only defense, most likely, learned in his household of older brothers, was to bite... I didn't blame him - I just harbored some bad feelings about the whole situation (ever since). But I was really taught a good lesson when I got to be there with them for a couple of hours.
Thank you, God, for showing me humbleness, and teaching me that all your children are precious in your sight.

What else - Halloween was a hoot! I think Dax may actually remember this Halloween - but probably just because we did it for 3 days in a row! :) We had Halloween party at school trick-or-treating, we had Mansfield trick-or-treating, and then we had Roanoke trick-or-treating with Mooma and Bapa. Lots of candy, for sure, and lots of "trick-or-treating" practice. Dax even said "thank you" after he got candy... what a fun experience! :)

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